Specialty service(s) That  we provide: Common Carrier nonemergency ambulatory medical transportation and Special transpiration services

Mainland Transportation (MT) LLC is a  non-emergency medical transportation that serves all communities- with special focus on immigrants, low-income and new comers.

Mainland Transportation is committed to providing high quality and reliable transportation service to each client. The company’s goal is to do whatever it takes to see that each person is treated fairly without consideration of race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, marital status, disability or any other protected characteristic as established by law. Our cultural background gives us the ability to change and grow with the needs of our clients, while we keep our standards high and our service unsurpassed.

Mainland Transportation was founded in 2012 by its President/CEO, Asad Aliwayed who has   more than 10 years of experience in working on variety of issues facing refugees and immigrants including the lack of culturally competent transportation services. Asad started the company with one thing in mind: “that transportation is one of the most important key to use as a strategy to reduce the health disparity in Minnesota”.  By 2014 MT had done such a good job of serving its clients in west metro that it began experiencing pressure to expand to other parts of the Twin Cities.  Today MT partners with Health Partner through transportation contract and  is in positive discussions with Medica and Blue Cross Blue Shield to secure transportation contracts to serve the twin city communities.

Unique Services

MT specializes in safe, reliable and secure transportation.  At early stage we developed a unique Culturally Competent and Strict Quality Assurance standards in order to guarantee that both vehicles and drivers met the high expectations of clients and passengers within the community.  MT Vehicles meet all state insurance and ADA requirements, are inspected regularly, and well maintained.  Drivers meet all insurance, background and licensing requirements, are trained in necessary customer service protocols, and are screened for a desire to serve the public.

MT’s unique services are evident because of its ability to build a credible and sustainable relationship with its customers. Customer service is one of the most important parts of MT’s overall strategy to conducting business.  Without customers we do not have a business.  Our commitment to customer service begins with the implementation of proper training and the development of a company culture that embraces excellent customer service. Every employee is required to understand what is expected of them when interacting with customers. Following are examples of customer service the company have been enforced to make sure our customers are satisfied:

  • There is a uniform way to answer the phone.
  • There are set procedures in place when a customer has a question or problem.
  • There is an established chain of command to make sure that issues are handled in a timely fashion.
  • Everyone is trained to carry out these company procedures.

MT’s  leader Asad (see attached bio) has leveraged his relationships with key leaders in both government agencies and in the health care industry.  Before establishing MT, Asad engaged numerous groups of people toward the common goal of reducing the Minnesota Health disparity including health research programs and initiatives across Minnesota.  He already secured the support of Hennepin County, Metropolitan Council for Regional Development and   key African American and    Jewish community leaders.

MT  is    committed    to    assuring    that    its    transportation    services    are    designed    based    on    the    policy    and    procedures    set    by    both    the    government    and    health    plans,    not    special    interests.    The    absence    of   a   vision  and   strategy   for  some    transportation    companies    has    resulted    in    unnecessary    waste    of  resources.    In    response    to   the   absence   of   this    vision,   MT  will    provide    the    following:

  • Strict Quality Assurance
  • Management Accessibility
  • State Of The Art in Communication Software
  • Strict Driver Guidelines, Training & Responsibilities
  • Quality of Vehicles & Drivers
  • Customer Service
  • Account Managers
  • Some Providers may have specific service areas that they provide services in only. Please list the service area by county, if applicable..(I.e.Transportation, Home Health, PCA, and Interpreters)

We operate within Hennepin, Ramsey, Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Scott and Washington counties and rural counties.

  • Hours of Operation: Our office is open for business from 5:30AM to 6:30PM Monday through Friday. And Saturday from 8AM to 12PM
  • How Long you have been in business: Mainland transportation Services was in business for the last four years years.
  • Affiliations with other entities: Mainland Transportation LLC started with a study collaborated with New American Academy, a community based nonprofit organization that works with East African immigrant Community to advance community development programs as well as health care awareness and ALLINA HEALTH, City of Bloomington Department of Health, Bloomington Public Schools, and City of Edina department of public health with the support and funding from Blue Cross Blue Shields of Minnesota (BCBS).

Mainland Transportation (MT) has set of Trainings  Guidelines  Responsibilities 
for its drivers to make sure our customers are satisfied and receive quality services